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AI: Tool or Crutch?

Generative AI can't crush the human creative spirit. So where do we draw the line before we become entirely dependent on it?

By Advaith Rege  |  Aug 22, 2023
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The Conversion Conversation

If we’re not pouring ourselves into understanding who we are speaking to and giving them what they want, we’re not having a conversation.

By Steven Wong, Cofounder  |  May 18, 2020
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How to talk to your data scientist

To effectively collaborate, marketers and data scientists need a common language. Here are seven of the most important terms to know in our glossary of AI terms for marketing.

By Derek Slater, Content Director  |  Dec 12, 2016
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A glossary of AI terms for marketing

We've compiled this quick-reference glossary of artificial-intelligence and machine-learning terms for tech-savvy marketers preparing to work with in-house data science and analytics teams.

By Steven Wong, Cofounder  |  Dec 6, 2016
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Machine learning is about to turn the marketing world upside down

Machine learning’s near-term effect on marketing is underappreciated. Marketers think of it as recommendation engines and mix modeling. It’s much more than that.

By Steven Wong, Cofounder  |  Oct 27, 2016
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Marketing tech is changing the world. And marketers are getting left behind

As martech gets more common and powerful, there’s an ongoing gap between what it can deliver and what companies are getting from it. Here's how that gap is related to the Don Drapers of the world.

By Katherine Ogburn, Director of Strategy  |  Jul 21, 2016
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