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Advaith Rege

Advaith: part-time intern at Ready State, full-time student at Brown University. At Brown, he's pursuing a BA in Applied Mathematics-Economics and History, but you'll often find him channeling his inner musketeer on the fencing strip or jamming out to Fleetwood Mac and Sun Ra on his iPod Mini.

Recent Posts

AI: Tool or Crutch?

Generative AI can't crush the human creative spirit. So where do we draw the line before we become entirely dependent on it?

By Advaith Rege  |  Aug 22, 2023
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Future or Fad: Fast Fashion?

As a B Corp, we're curious about how to best implement sustainable practices. So we're taking a deep dive detour to ask: can fashion be environmentally friendly?

By Advaith Rege  |  Aug 1, 2023
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