Emails We Like: Summer 2018

By Ayaz Lakhani, Senior Strategist  |  Aug 14, 2018


We create a lot of emails. From one-off communications to intricate paths, we deliver email strategy, messaging, and design for many of our clients.

We also get a lot of emails. The average office worker receives ~121 emails per day. This deluge naturally encourages marketers to find new and innovative ways to stand out in people's inboxes, and we see it as an opportunity to learn from, and draw inspiration from, some of the best.

Each quarter, we round up the most noteworthy emails we came across for our clients. Our selections are industry-agnostic and considered “good” for a variety of reasons—from subject lines to content to design. Some may be more relevant than others, but the general themes are widely applicable to most businesses.

Here are some key takeaways from emails we liked recently:

Make it sleek.

Subject line: Introducing New Model 3 Options

What’s good: This email does a good job of calling out important information visually without having to read the details. Although the CTA is at the very bottom, the entire area above the copy is also clickable and linked to the same destination.

Best for: All audiences



Make it minimal.

Subject line: Your new app is coming

What’s good: This one stands out visually with witty copy to convey a single message.

Best for: Existing customers, lead nurture, abandoned cart



Make it fun.

Subject line: Introducing Softening Beard Oil

What’s good: Email captures attention with a fun animation that ties in well with the copy.

Best for: All audiences


Make it friendly.

Subject line: Highway to the comfort zone

What’s good: This "snoozeletter" has playful copy throughout which helps the brand mix and match different types of images in a way that still feels tied together.

Best for: All audiences



Make it focused.

Subject line: Ayaz: Whew... That score!

What’s good: This message has an attention-grabbing subject line and uses personalization and subtle animation in a thoughtful way.

Best for: Existing customers, lead nurture, abandoned cart



Make it heartfelt.

Subject line: To the ones who got Away.

What’s good: Email uses a double meaning in the subject line to entice opens, and follows up with a personable image and a heartfelt message. The letter-like format makes the message feel important and the co-founders' signatures in the signoff are a nice touch.

Best for: Existing customers




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Ayaz Lakhani, Senior Strategist

Ayaz Lakhani, Senior Strategist

Ayaz weaves creative ideas and insights into action-inducing narratives. He solves problems and delivers effective solutions through a combination of research, analytics, and intuition. Ayaz has worked on a number of B2B and B2C accounts, including Google, Intel, VMware, Belvedere, Ansell, Madison Square Garden, and Weill Cornell Medical College. Prior to working at Ready State, Ayaz was a founding partner and senior strategist at BRICK+BOND, a New York-based digital agency. He has a master's degree in integrated marketing from New York University and a bachelor's degree in business administration from Wilfrid Laurier University.