Campaigns we like: YETI’s “feats of strength”


At Ready State, we like to share creative work we find engaging with each other. Scrolling through Instagram, I came across a post from AdAge showcasing a recent campaign from YETI. The campaign caught my eye for its simplicity, incredibly pithy use of copy, and the feels I got from its sustainability messaging. 

Here are some of our key takeaways:

Campaign name: “feats of strength” — sustainable edition

Why it matters: YETI products have been known for durability from the start, but premium quality comes with a premium price. 

As consumers increasingly seek out brands that support a purpose, YETI’s “feats of strength”  campaign positions its products as an investment into our shared environmental future. Because you’re likely never going to have to buy a replacement, this makes YETI’s premium price tag more palatable, purposeful, and meaningful. 

What’s good: The copy in these ads is incredibly precise. Every word is used with the intention that sells a solid point of view from the brand. 

This language paired with product imagery comparisons to single-use plastics is smart and straightforward. It really drives home the ideas of longevity and keeping things out of the landfill.

Bonus points: When a product is built to stand the test of time, sustainability messaging feels baked-in. But talk is cheap, and actions speak. 

YETI actively works to reduce single-use plastics in its hometown of Austin, TX by partnering with local MLS Club Austin FC for stadium program sponsorships to provide water refilling stations at sporting events to encourage fans to bring their reusable bottles. 

Clay says: When you have the best products in market, you don’t have to get bogged down in overblown marketing that drills the nuances of why a product is better—it just is.

This freedom empowers YETI to create compellingly simple yet clever ads that subtly reinforce its reputation for premium quality and not-so-subtly reinforce the org’s greater environmental mission. As a writer, “feats of strength” embodies an old adage:  “Never use two words when one will do”.



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Jodi Dove, Executive Creative Director

Jodi Dove, Executive Creative Director

Jodi leads the creative practice at Ready State, making sure everything we do looks and feels just right. A strong proponent of creative culture, she is always experimenting with better ways to bring people together, collaborate, and motivate them to do their best work. She believes that building a team with diverse backgrounds has always had the best alchemy to bring empathy and authenticity to the stories we tell.