21 ways to make your content feel fresh

By Derek Slater, Content Director  |  Jun 9, 2016

You want your audience to engage. But if you produce one great feature article after another, and they all look the same, your audience’s attention will eventually drift elsewhere. So you have to vary your content.

That doesn’t necessarily mean making videos, podcasts, splashy infographics, and interactive quizzes. Rich-media elements are great, but they can cost a lot to produce. And you can create a lot of variety without them, just by mixing up the ways you present your text.

Below you’ll find a presentation filled with many article formats. Use it for inspiration. Zip through our slides to find an approach or three you haven’t yet tried. Publish, then come back for more. And if we’re missing an awesome one, please drop me a note at derek@readystate.com.

Topics: journalistic content, content marketing, variety, creativity, content formats

Derek Slater, Content Director

Derek Slater, Content Director

Prior to joining Ready State, Derek spent two decades in B2B technology journalism. He was editor in chief of award-winning security publication CSO for seven years, and he previously held editorial leadership positions with CIO and with the Enterprise IT and Finance media groups at FierceMarkets. He wrote the book Content Marketing in 30 Minutes and has special interest in two areas: the use of analytics and SEO data to inform content creation, and content reuse and recycling. Derek has helped clients from startups to tech giants to develop more effective content strategies and create better content.