If you only watch one video reel today make sure it's this one!

By Ben Worthen, Editor in Chief  |  Feb 8, 2016


We recently completed this video highlight reel.

It’s a compilation of clips from videos we’ve made for clients over the last year or so, and a fun reminder for us of some projects we really enjoyed working on. We hope you like it, too.

Topics: journalistic content, content marketing, creative design

Ben Worthen, Editor in Chief

Ben Worthen, Editor in Chief

Ben helps clients figure out how to tell stories that people actually want to hear. He worked as a journalist for 13 years, winning many national awards for news and feature writing. In 2007, he joined The Wall Street Journal, where he covered the tech industry for more than six years, while also writing about other fun stuff, ranging from the Bay Area food scene to people who build their own jet packs. In all, Ben wrote more than 50 Page One stories for the Journal. Before joining Ready State, Ben was head of content at Sequoia Capital, the VC firm that backed Google and Apple, among hundreds of other companies.