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The Conversion Conversation

If we’re not pouring ourselves into understanding who we are speaking to and giving them what they want, we’re not having a conversation.

By Steven Wong, Cofounder  |  May 18, 2020
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OMMA panel: Email is marketing's workhorse

Don't get caught up in martech FOMO, OMMA conference panelists Michael Ricci and Jacquelyn Wosilius advise. But do focus on email, which typically has a huge ROI. Here are highlights of their discussion with Ready State's Katherine Ogburn.

By Katherine Ogburn, Director of Strategy  |  Aug 16, 2016
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Marketing tech is changing the world. And marketers are getting left behind

As martech gets more common and powerful, there’s an ongoing gap between what it can deliver and what companies are getting from it. Here's how that gap is related to the Don Drapers of the world.

By Katherine Ogburn, Director of Strategy  |  Jul 21, 2016
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